It's important to feel as strong as you can when you get your first chemo treatment. One of your goals is probably to you see your chemo treatment through as prescribed. To do so, you may need to get physically, logistically, and mentally prepared for what lies ahead. You can:

  • Learn ahead of time about your chemo cycles, schedule, and goals.
  • Have an open dialogue with your doctor and care team.
  • Ask about what chemo side effects you should expect. And ask how to minimize these expected side effects.

Discuss with your health care team how you can get your questions answered between appointments. You don't have to wait until your next session or visit. These actions can help ensure that you work toward staying on your chemo course as scheduled.

Understanding your treatment plan can help you in many ways:

  • You'll know what to expect from treatment
  • You may feel less anxious knowing more
  • You may learn how to avoid certain treatment interruptions

Aim to get through chemo as your doctor has prescribed it. Doing so may improve your odds for meeting treatment goals.

Use the Getting Started Questions to help you get organized.

  • The Chemotherapy and Infection Discussion Guide can help you understand your
    chance for infection

    Infection can be a serious result of chemo. Find out the factors that affect your chance of infection. Simply answer a few questions, and then print your results to share with your doctor.

    Use the Chemotherapy and Infection Discussion Guide to find out more.

  • Survivor Story

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