Some people find that using a checklist helps them stay organized. You can download this checklist and print it out help get you organized.

Make a check in the "done" column when you've completed the tasks detailed in the "to do" column.

Category Tasks to Do Done
Body Consider how hair loss will affect you. You may want to cut your shair short or buy a wig that matches your current style and color.
Buy hand sanitizer to carry with you for when soap and water are not available.
Support Enlist the help of family and friends who can cook meals, drive you to appointments, or help with chores.
Consider joining a support group for people with cancer.
Work Decide if you are going to work during your treatment. If you will continue working, talk to your employee about ways in which you can modify your work schedule.  
Nutrition Ask your doctor or nurse about what you should eat and drink during your treatment and if you should take extra vitamins or supplements.  
Medications Make a list of all drugs you take, including vitamins and medications you buy over the counter at the drugstore.
Show this list to your doctor before you start chemotherapy and any time you start or stop a medication.
Mouth care Visit a dentist at least 2 weeks before starting chemotherapy.
Commit to maintaining your oral health by brushing your teeth after meals and before bed with a soft toothbrush.
Also, floss your teeth gently every day, and use a nonalcoholic mouthwash.
Stress Talk to your doctor about exercises you can do. Light exercise often helps to relieve stress.
Take time to relax by listening to soothing music or spending quite time in a favorite place.
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