Your doctor will choose a chemo regimen for you based on your cancer type and stage as well as your health. The goals of chemotherapy may vary based on these factors. You may be on chemo for:

  • Cure: If possible, the goal of chemotherapy is to cure your cancer or make the tumor or cancer disappear and not come back.
  • Control: For some patients, the goal of chemotherapy is to shrink the tumors and stop the cancer from growing or spreading.
  • Palliation: When the cancer is in the advanced stage, chemo may be given to help relieve your symptoms and enable you to participate in your daily activities when possible.

Your doctor will choose chemotherapy drugs and a treatment schedule that's unique to you. Also, your care team will regularly test your blood to make sure your body is making enough blood cells. It is important to start strong. Talk to your doctor about how to help manage your treatment. Depending on your treatment goals, you may want to discuss:

  • Avoiding interruptions
  • Staying on schedule
  • Staying with it until your chemo plan is complete, if possible
  • The Chemotherapy and Infection Discussion Guide can help you understand your
    chance for infection

    Infection can be a serious result of chemo. Find out the factors that affect your chance of infection. Simply answer a few questions, and then print your results to share with your doctor.

    Use the Chemotherapy and Infection Discussion Guide to find out more.

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