It can take time to feel like yourself again. Some people find that chemotherapy (chemo) and other treatments have made changes in their body that are hard to accept. You may feel emotionally drained from having gone through so much. You may also have lingering chemo side effects.

Speak with your doctor about any symptoms that persist. Ask what can be done to help get you back to feeling good again. Staying fit and focusing on getting involved in life again can help.

It can help to commit to a plan of healthy choices:

  • Eat well
  • Stay active with frequent exercise as your doctor advises
  • Reduce stress
  • Don't smoke
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Visit your gynecologist to address menopause symptoms

Life may not return to the way it was before cancer. But in time, you will discover a new post-chemo way of living. Some people find that they appreciate their lives after chemo even more than they did before it.