This section talks about few of the things you may experience during chemotherapy (chemo) when you will want to call your doctor, but not all of them. Being your own advocate means listening to your body and letting people know how you feel. Speak with your doctor and care team as soon as you can about chemo side effects (eg, fever, chills, and other signs of infection). There may be times between treatments when you will need to call your doctor for help. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Make a list of signs or symptoms that will need immediate medical attention should they occur.

Have a list of important contacts close by, so you can call when you need to. You may want to give a copy of key phone numbers to your caregivers, friends, and family members.

Some chemo side effects can evolve into problems that can be a danger to your health. Call your doctor and ask for help as soon as you need it.

Consider the chart below as a handy guide to some but not all of the things that you may experience during or after chemotherapy (chemo) that warrant a call to your doctor. Remember, if any of these or any other medical issue occurs, it is vital that you call your doctor immediately.