It's important to keep up with your cancer medical insurance and bill management. Dealing with these matters can be trying. Ask your care team for guidance if you need it. Also, use the following list to make sure you have taken steps to address these issues:

  • Do you know exactly what your insurance coverage is? Have you gotten a copy of your policy and read it over? You can also ask your employer, Human Resources contact, or insurance rep for help.
  • Did you call your health insurance rep with your questions? Know what the coverage issues are before you start treatment.
  • Did you talk to your doctor and care team to make sure they verify insurance coverage before starting any procedure, test, or treatment?
  • Are you ready to keep careful records of all your expenses, claims, denials, and appeals? You may want to start a journal, keep a binder, or organize your files into one folder.
  • The Chemotherapy and Infection Discussion Guide can help you understand your
    risk of infection

    Infection can be a serious side effect of strong chemo. Find out the factors that affect your risk of infection. Simply answer a few questions, and then print your results to share with your doctor.

    Use the Chemotherapy and Infection Discussion Guide to find out more.